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How to read your tyre size

When buying new tyres, you will need to make a note of the following tyre size information from the sidewall of the existing tyre to ensure you select the correct replacement tyre for the vehicle.


Tyre Width

The tyre width is a 3 digit number that is followed by a ‘/’. This is the width of the tyre in millimetres. e.g. 255

Aspect Ratio

Also referred to as the tyre profile, this is the two digits that appear to the right of the ‘/’ just after the tyre width. e.g. 55

Rim Size

The rim size is the rim diameter of the tyre. It is a two digit number that can be found just after the letter R on the sidewall. e.g. 16.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is represented as a letter of the alphabet and can be found to the right of the load index – It is usually the last character shown in the tyre size string. e.g. V

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